How to maintain senring slip ring?

Used for industrial senring electrical slip ring, that have good working and normal operation of motor is very important. so then how to maintain with working? First, chose high quality slip ring, Second, enhance slip ring of maintenance in daily used.

About slip ring maintenance, we need to know internal structure of slip ring brush, you can check below details for slip ring brush structure. We need pay attention pressure between brush and ring, swing of brush with rotate, the gap of brush and brush frame, working temperature and maintenance, all this will be affect working life for slip ring.

SenRing SNK series pancake slip rings widely used for revolving door , etc.

SenRing SNK series pancake slip rings widely used for revolving door , etc. 

The pressure between brush and rotate bearing, will be affect slip ring of contact resistance, friction resistance and abrade during rotating. it is proportional to pressure, contact resistance, friction resistance. The resistance is too big that easy to make spark lead to overheating of the conductive ring. The friction is too big that expedite slip ring of abrade, then affect to working life. Usually, we keep the pressure 8KPa between ring and brush. Each brush pressure keep balance, so that the slip ring can be rotate freely, and performance also keep good.

The slip ring of work temperature and external oxide layer are related, Stable oxide layer is good lubrication, it can be reduce the loss of friction during rotating. A good oxidation layer is important, slip ring of some problem and short work caused by oxide layer.when the brush of abrade reaches the whole height 2/3, should be promptly replaced,

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