Analysis:The advantage of slip ring turns scale

The scale is the best method for a modern manufacturing concern to raise production efficiency and cut down production cost, but modern processing industry has the character of production intensification, to improve production efficiency and put up productivity.The manufacture of slip ring has very strict request to the environment and working procedure,particularly the war industry electric ring collector,if quality can`t passes, it`s serious.If the amount is small,that must carry on hand,rathe than quantity production, that lead production cost raised consumedly, production efficiency falled.At the same time,because of high request of environment and working procedure, usually a several time and manpower just can complete a small amount list.

And the scale production intensification can resolve the conflict.In China the rapid shape of manufacturingi ndustry to now already more than 20 years, these year, produce characteristics also is a transition process from the individwal, the unit to the scale of manufacturing intensification.In the developed countries, almost all capacities are this kind of type, explain that the production pattern of this kind of type receives recognition and adore.In the mode of production,the production efficiency of collector rings can receive a good exaltation.

The slip ring`s process of production is more.In the scale, usually appear link redundancy and overfull working procedure.Therefore, according to the characteristics of each factory,several similar process can merge into one.In staff training, can train a few process operations,at behind of change and merge process, all have a lot of advantages.If only solely trains a working procedure,in these links,restriction is very easy occur.If staff of other links occupies at the time, or asks for leave,at the same time the worker meets the multi-channel working procedure the words, can go against promptly, the production line can`t because leaving office of minority of employees or ask for leave but stop, So will receive a good guarantee to the stability of the whole line operation of works.

The biggest advantage of intensive scale manufacturing is greatly reduced the piece cost while having great capacity.Under some conditions, the cost even can reduce till one-third or quarter.Even if when the customer has great capacity,in the context of press the price down, also assure the basic profit of works.This is also why a lot of manufactories like to connect multitudinous production but don`t small.The small batch often invests the manpower, the material resources and the profit are not proportional, but sometimes, to make the sample to the customer, guaranteed the relations with customer,lose money to make the small batch of slip ring will appear frequently.

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