Analysis of slip ring market`s demand

There are lots of slip ring orders every day, but the sales for each type are quite different, some sell well in a period of time and some sell well in other times. Though there are many companies which sell the slip ring, there are not so much domestic slip ring manufacturers because most of them are the trade companies. They get the goods in stock from different manufacturers and get the reasonable price we thought, and then sell out with a higher price once the customer order comes. However, the real manufacturers have some stocks for the standard products and they will replenish the inventory when it reduces. What`s more, they have short lead time for some special products and have a lower price in general.

The latest sales data shows that the capsule slip ring demand was down in recent one month, perhaps influenced by the high-speed ball industry product shipments have declined. Maybe in the next half years, many high-speed ball manufacturers have entered the product installation commissioning period, rather than the assembly design period. All kinds of economic data show that the high-speed ball industry and other indicators doesn`t go bad and still have a vigorous driving force to develop. Compared with the low demand of capsule slip ring, the demand for through hole slip ring and other special ones increased obviously. The through hole slip ring has a wide application area than cap-slip ring because many special industries need use it no matter the small or large products. As an advantage of Senring, the special slip ring is fond of by many regular customers especially those which product is just at the initial development stage. It`s difficult for them to place a batch of orders, so they often place order with small quantity such as single-digit magnitude. Since the products have a reliable quality, perfect skill and stable performance, Senring is very fond of by many fresh and regular customers.

Through the past year sales data, the orders are mainly cap-slip ring and wind power slip ring in the first half year, while the special slip ring order is much more in the next half year. The analysis may not so accurate, but as a successful manufacturer, it`s important to grasp these market changes to arrange the production plan and material purchasing plan well. So, in order to make our production more objective and predictable and improve the efficiency, we should track and sum up the data in time. In addition, we should have a detail analysis and discussion for the data to face the rapid changing market.

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